Religously Commercialized

I went to church today. It was Easter so I decided why not. I’m labeled an Atheist by society because technically I don’t believe in a higher power. It’s more or less still unproven. I have a lot of questions regarding religion and I’ve never met a person who could really answer my questions.

I don’t get my hopes up when it comes to religion like it’s going to be some amazing, life changing event in my life. Why? Because human beings run religion and human beings ruin everything. Religion is no different. The church I attended today was heavily commercialized. There were hoards of people wandering in; some dressed highly inappropriate for an Easter service. I saw young females in tight mini-skirts, kids barefoot, women wearing belly shirts and men practically still wearing their pajamas.

Once inside there was two huge tables for free coffee and small shops off to the right so people could buy all sorts of stuff. While I was gazing in my disbelief, I was rudely bumped into my some guy who didn’t even bother to turn around and say “excuse me” or “I’m sorry”.

Further inside the auditorium where the service was actually being held, the noise was so loud I could barely hear myself think. Then, of course, what Easter service wouldn’t be complete without a full-on rock concert, right? I read somewhere in the Bible about being humble in the presences of God and then that one story where those dudes were trying to sell a bunch of stuff in the Temple and Jesus freaked out and tossed a few tables exclaiming religion isn’t about profits and money. Hey, I’m an Atheist. What do I know.

The problem is when something (like a certain brand of religion) gets too large it becomes disorganized and unmanageable and then your product is reduced in quality. Wal-Mart is a good example of this and so is the Christian religion. It has become too large therefore it starts to drift from it’s original meaning and message.

Sadly, I was not impressed by the super-church I visited today. I feel as though the quality of people within the walls of the church or too commercialized and don’t really understand the true meaning of why they’re there. Hey, let’s rock out and take selfies and carrying around our designer Starbucks coffee cups right before service. What happened to dressing conservatively, walking in quietly, sitting down and listening to the Pastor?

We’ve simply outgrown ourselves.