Lone Survivor

I went to see Lone Survivor the other day in the theatres. I really didn’t know what to expect and I figured it would be another typical military shoot ’em movie. Which it nearly turned out to be just that.

The movie takes place in Afghanistan where a team of Navy SEALs endures Operation Red Wings. The mission started out like any other mission in the military except it’s quickly compromised by a couple of sheep herders that stumble upon the Seals who are set up in the wood line. They argue for a few moments of what to do with them; kill them, tie them up or let them go. Ultimately, they decide to let them go and the son of the sheep herder dashes off to go alert the local Taliban fighters of what they found.

After that, it quickly escalates into an all out gun fight on the side of a mountain in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan. Marcus Luttrell is the only survivor of the mission after three of the four Navy SEALs are killed in combat.

The Navy SEALS remind me every day of what kind of people serve in our Armed Forces. They remind me every day to give 100% effort to my day and they’ve always inspired me to do my best and to never give up. I believe it takes a special human being to belong to such an elite team of fighters. If I could go back and change things throughout my military career, I think I would have pushed myself to be more like those guys.

I think the movie depicts that these guys just want to survive. They were trapped like rats on that mountain slope but they never once gave up. They continued to fight and battle even though there was no obvious light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s been nine years since I deployed to Iraq. Seeing these kinds of movies and learning about what some of these soldiers went through makes me angry. It makes me angry because I could’ve done more for my brothers during war time. I could’ve chosen a different career path and been more involved in my combat tour. I may have saved a life. I may have changed things. I may have been able to give someone else some rest or a break from countless missions that these combat soldiers notched on their belts. I hold a lot of guilt and harbor a lot of ill-feelings towards myself for not doing more.




One thought on “Lone Survivor

  1. I just found your blog so I am going to give you some background info on me while I make some assumptions about you. I served in the US Army from 1984-1992, son of a Vietnam Vet. When I entered the service in 84 the Army was in bad shape, the motorpool was full of old vehicles that did not run.Over the next few years things changed, I was promoted by and was led by ex Vietnam guys who refused to let soldiers get into bad situations. By that I mean Desert Storm. It would have been unconscionable to leave soldiers hanging in combat. I believe the let down of american troops by their government started with Black Hawk Down. I was still a recently discharged vet and would tell people that $h!t wouldn’t have happened to anyone I knew, we would have gone after those guys, politically incorrect or not. Same applies today, I believe if the Army had the same leadership now as it did during Desert Storm we would use overwhelming force every time. That’s just my two cents anyway, I think it matches yours.

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