The Truancy of America

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about America. Specifically about the politics in this country. Every day I want to scream at the top of my lungs in frustration over how this country is being ran. I want to scream in frustration of the hypocrisy and the out-right criminal organization that our Nation’s congress has become.

Let me start out by saying this; I am not a democrat or a republican. I am an American and I am so ashamed to be living in a country with such a vile political system in place.

I had such high hopes for President Obama. Like many, I thought he was the real deal. Look here! A black man is now our president! A black man with a Muslim name! President Barack Hussein Obama! Obama became the mac-daddy of politics! Some nobody out of Chicago with a white mama and a black daddy is our President! Slap me stupid! It wasn’t business as fucking usual in America anymore!

So what happened? The Republicans happened. The Grand ol’ fucking party happened. Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann fucking happened. The right tore President Obama up. The beat him down and continued to beat on him until he screamed mercy. How unpatriotic of a country to force failure on the President. How unpatriotic to push and pull and go after the President of the United States causing catastrophic failure within our very walls. Who suffers when debt ceilings don’t get taken care of? Who suffers when budget deals expire and no one can come to a fucking agreement? We do. The people. You and I. The Americans. Who continues to get a paycheck? They do.

Then some crazy shit started to happen. President Obama started to sign things like the Monsanto Protection Act and the Anti-Protest bill and the whole BP oil spill cover-up where he allowed ONLY BP scientists and BP investigators at the oil spill site and blocked everyone else out. BP ended up paying a $300,000 fine after all of that, by the way, and President Obama was caught lying about where he actually went swimming. He claimed the waters were just fine to swim in. Yeah, the water is fine to swim in when you’re 300 miles away from the actual spill site.

My President was soon becoming one of them. He sold out to fucking Monsanto, he was lobbied by big cellphone business for that stupid “Obamaphone” and he hasn’t done one damn thing about taxing the rich or forcing corporations to help in paying taxes. It was becoming more clear that my President was just another empty suit selling himself out to fucking Wall Street.

Now we have these pressing issues like health care and abortions and gun laws and minimum wage …and all we ever do as a country is fight about it. The way I see things is quite exhausting and foolish to some but I’m really sick and tired of capitalism. Capitalism this and capitalism that. It’s like a broken fucking record in this country. Now people say, “It’s not capitalism that’s the problem. It’s corporatism”. Well, what the fuck. Put “ism” on the end of big words and howdy-doody, we’ve identified another form of “government” that doesn’t fucking work. Corporatism, capitalism, consumerism…whatever the fuck you want to call it, it’s not working for everyone.  Isn’t America about everyone? When did this divide and conquer, fend for yourself, winners and losers bullshit mentality take place?

Health care is a growing concern of mine because we all need it. We all shouldn’t have to work 16 jobs just to pay a fucking doctor bill. We shouldn’t have to decide on having to sell the house just to pay for a doctor visit or cancel our children’s college fund because someone got sick. That isn’t America. We claim to be a nation founded on Christian values, right? Well, fuck. Maybe we should all start digesting our own words and actually start acting like a fucking Christian nation. Help the poor, feed the sick, look after our children.. etc…etc. Yeah, we have lazy worthless fucks in this country. What country doesn’t. But we don’t punish the masses by only giving health care to the ones who can afford it and say, “fuck the rest”.

Wages in this country make me sick. I used to be that guy working two jobs begging my employer for hours. I used to be that guy working 65-70 hours a week on shit pay just to put groceries in the fridge. Hell, for the longest time (after I got out of the Army) I lived in my car. So I’m not just talking out of my ass here. People can’t live off of $9.00 an hour. It’s even tough to pay the bills at $15.00 an hour. No one is asking to become a millionaire off of these wages, folks. It’s slave labor under shit pay if anything. Guess who’s paychecks continue to get bigger, though? Yeah, those rich fucking asshole CEOs who WE bailed out with OUR tax dollars. $700 trillion to be exact. And where are our yachts and Mercedes? Where’s my $13 million dollar bonus check? Where’s my 25 Christmas trees for my million dollar suite in New York?

It never seemed to hurt the economy when these rich fucks get huge bonuses or get a pay increase so why would it hurt the economy if a bunch of “lazy, worthless” minimum wage earners started making $15.00 an hour? Someone who earns that little really has to struggle to find any kind of success in life. How does someone go to college on $9.00 an hour? If you’re against the minimum wage increase in this country maybe you ought to evaluate just how hard you’re working for what you make and then compare that to a J.P Morgan CEO who makes $10,000 an hour who let the business fail and then gets bailed out (by the working class) and then gets a huge fucking raise and then gets a huge fucking bonus and then think about who should get what at the end of the day.

I’m sick of people overlooking these shit head politicians. Mitt Romney is being sued in a Federal Court for RICO charges. How could anyone still like that guy? Governor Scott Walker took the state of Wisconsin from the number two state in American in jobs to 37th. Plus, Walker has his head so far up David Koch’s ass, it’s comical. Governor Chris Christie and his bridge scandal, Patty Murray and Paul Ryan taking money from military veterans while they get a cushy pay check of $174,000 a year… I mean, the list goes on and on, people!

I go to work every day and put in an honest day. Why can’t we have a government established in this country that does the same? Members of congress worked a total of 18 weeks out of the year in 2012. What the actual fuck, America? 18 weeks out of the year in 2012 yet they won’t extend unemployment benefits another 26 weeks for 1.3 Americans (and 4.9 million by spring of ’14). What’s the goal of congress? To make everyone fucking poor? Well, it’s happening.

Good luck, Nation.


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