Drug Testing America

Anyone who is anyone at one point in their life has been subjected to a piss test. I served ten years in the Army and I got so good at piss tests, I could pee on command. I could pee into that tiny little bottle with my eyes closed. True story. That’s how often soldiers are tested for drugs. Generally, you could see a pee test coming miles away. We get tested for drugs after all major four-day weekends. We get tested after block leave (vacation). We get tested after holidays, birthdays, before, during and after deployments. We get tested in the field and when we return from the field. I’ve even been tested on a normal weekend where I was woken up by my company commander beating down my door.

Enter civilian world. Every job, (except my current employer) has given me a piss test. Most of these piss tests are scheduled within 72 hours of being hired. In order to get the job, you not only have to go within the allotted time, you also have to pass the test. And most of the time, the location of these places are way across town. It’s a real pain in the ass. For the record, I’ve never failed a drug test.

Now we have people on the welfare system. No one is subjected to a drug test who receives welfare benefits. No one does. Until Florida passed a bill allowing the state to drug test welfare recipients. There’s all kinds of stipulations that follow, as well. People wanting welfare have to pay for the drug test themselves and if they pass, they get reimbursement. If they fail, they have to enter a six week program to help them get off drugs. And during that six week time, they receive no benefits. Kansas also passed a similar bill but not as deep as Florida. It follows nearly all the same guidelines. I’m not going to go into specifics about each bill and what it does and what it doesn’t do. That’s for you to research.

Here’s the deal, though. There has been a public outcry about how unconstitutional this is. First of all, I hate it when people claim shit is unconstitutional. I promise you it isn’t unconstitutional to give someone a piss test to receive a job, or welfare benefits, or unemployment or whatever. To receive employment, you must show that you can be a responsible, clean and sober individual. That’s for a job. A place where someone goes for eight hours a day to earn a paycheck. I understand that someone can pass the initial test and then go smoke a joint because they know there won’t be another drug test in their immediate future. Unless, you’re hired onto a company that drug tests if an injury happens or an accident occurs on the clock (which most companies do drug test if that happens, and if you fail, you’re held liable and most likely terminated depending on the circumstances).

I’ve had to pass many drug tests just to serve my country. If anything is unconstitutional, that should be. Fortunately, the military doesn’t want drug users and abusers in the service. And for good reason. I sure don’t want any soldier of mine operating military equipment while high or under the influence of anything. Fuck that. Just because a person is on welfare and not actively participating in any job provided by society, doesn’t mean they’re any less out of the crosshairs of a drug test. You’d like to sit around and get high and live off government money? Do it on your own fucking dime. It’s not unconstitutional anything to be drug tested if you want to receive unemployment insurance or welfare.

Unfortunately, after all this civil unrest, I read an article from the New York Times that stated tax payers from Florida really didn’t save any money from drug testing those on welfare and they also didn’t see much of a decrease in numbers from those applying. You know what, though? It’s still a very good program because it shows the states are doing something that the people want.


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