Boston, A Tragedy

In the wake of this tragedy, I had a lot of time to think about how these things could be prevented. I want to believe that America is safe. And in most towns, cities, etc, people are safe. It’s very unlikely that the little town of Snohomish would ever become a target for a terrorist attack. Seattle on the other hand, very likely. My thought process is sort of like this: stay alert, stay alive.

Allow me to explain. I spent ten years in the United States Army. I served one combat tour that literally has changed my life, for better or for worse, depending on how you look at things. I have constant paranoia, I’m constantly on edge, and I’m constantly looking for danger. Having that kind of mentality is probably one big reason why I haven’t wrecked my motorcycle. Yet.

This whole situation in Boston, in my opinion, could have been avoided. I’m not asking people to be as on edge as I am every day. I’m not saying people need to live in constant fear about the next terrorist attack. What I am saying is this: it’s something that should be kept in the back of our thoughts. We live in a Post 9/11 world now, folks. Things aren’t all kitty cats and rainbows anymore. We have enemies. We have people who hate America and want to do us harm. What does that mean? It means homeland security is everyone’s responsibility.

It’s simple. You see something out of place, report it. You see something kind of weird or not right, report it. It’s not brain surgery. It’s our obligation and responsibility as American’s to keep our homeland safe. I’m not saying we need to run around all day looking for weird stuff or bad guys. But why let the government dictate our safety? Why not take things into our own hands and make sure things are safe for our friends and family members? Obviously the Boston authorities had their guard down during the marathon. Did we not learn anything from 9/11?

If anything, Boston PD could have walked a bomb sniffing K9 unit through the area a few times and maybe would have found those bombs prior to them detonating. Maybe not.





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