Happy Valentines Day

I’ve never been a big Valentines day kind of guy. Maybe because I’ve never really had a person in my life worth spending any type of resources on. Lately, I’ve come across a woman who sort of shares the same views that I have about Valentines Day. I like to look on Facebook of all my married friends, friends who have girlfriends and all the single girls out there looking for a Valentine post their thoughts, gifts and whatever else that unfolds. It’s interesting. Really, it is. I was about to buy a small gift for my new lady friend and had already expressed the importance of Valentines Day to her when she told me the history behind the date. It sort of deflated my bubble, honestly. I couldn’t help to laugh at myself about how ridiculous I felt at that moment.

Do you realize what this day is about?! I wasn’t simply going to stand around and not validate what she had told me! This was one of the more fun days for people in America! Valentines day is the second most celebrated day next to New Years! Dudes all across America are trying to get laid by buying their woman chocolates, foot massages, expensive jewelry, sexy lingerie and awesome dinners! Could the stories be true?!

According to mythology, some dude by the name of Saint Valentinus or whatever, apparently had this crush on his jailer’s daughter. Whoa, he was in jail?! Yeah, he was. Valentinus was in jail for attempting to wed folk that weren’t allowed to get married. Oh. My. God. Seriously??! Yeah! Seriously?! Well, according to the myth. Do you know what this story reminds me of? It reminds me of the republicans of America trying to stop gays from marrying each other. Anyway. Valentinus gets his ass executed for his actions and sends this nifty little message to the jailer’s daughter, Asterius. Before his execution, he wrote her a letter claiming his love and signed “from your Valentine” at the bottom. Cute, right?

My thoughts on Valentines day are pretty simple. Why should I express my fullest potential of love on this one day? Is she not deserving of this the other 364 days out of the year? Why is it on this one day I have to shower her with gifts, love, acceptance and appreciation? Why not year ’round? I suppose this day is supposed to be like Mothers day or Fathers day? Well, I’d like to say I appreciate my parents every day no matter how much they despise me or feel disappointed in the way I live my life. Yeah, sorry I didn’t follow right behind in your fucking foot steps, parents. I had to find my own fucking way, thanks. And I’ll save this rant for another blog entry.

Anyway, what the fuck. Valentines day is overrated and ridiculous. Some dude gets his head hacked off and as a man I’m supposed to shower my girlfriend/wife with gifts? Right. Well, I’ll make a mental note that I won’t be getting any action on February 14th and I’ll also make a mental note that until prices of wedding bands equal out, you won’t either. Smile.




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