A Sue-Happy World

“I’m going to sue you!”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard a person yell that phrase at another human being before. I think I’ve heard it a few times in my lifetime. I’ve even heard soldiers claim they’re going to “sue the government” and then other soldiers say “you can’t sue the government!”. It’s all such bullshit.

Recently, I stumbled on a news story of a couple of dudes in New Jersey (pardon me if I don’t have all my facts straight, I really don’t care) attempting to sue Subway for $5 Million dollars because their foot long sandwich was not exactly a foot long; or 12 inches. Right? Seriously, $5 million dollars? Who comes up with that figure anyway?! Probably some rich lawyer that feeds on people like these two dudes in New Jersey. So I don’t pin the blame all on them. Obviously they were manipulated by some form of greed or another.

The whole point of this blog entry is to point out just how greedy and lazy people are in America. Allow me to rewind a bit, too. This will help solidify my point. And if not, oh well. Since President Obama has become our president, it seems people have just been flocking to the welfare office. I’ve heard stories from people on unemployment or other programs about how they’ve just milked the system, blah blah blah. I’ve heard these stories with my own ears, people. Anyway. That is not really the whole point of this entry.

The point of this blog entry is I wish people would find it in their hearts to put in an honest 40 hour work week. I understand times are tough. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve seen rock bottom. I know how hard it is to find decent work that’s bearable and fun. Since I’ve been out of the service, I’ve worked my fair share of shit paying jobs. I’ve taken my lumps and kept on, though. Now my current job, I get to deal with the underbelly scum of the city. And it breaks my heart how people don’t try. I’ve heard every excuse in the book.

For those two people in New Jersey that have taken it upon themselves to finally “get there’s”, you’re doing nobody a favor. You’re actually hurting the system, if you will. Subway now has to recoup that loss by raising prices or cutting back or whatever it is they have to do to unfuck the $5 million they’re about to lose. And the asshole judge and the scumbag lawyer who’re about to reward you two fuckheads with $5 million just so they can get their cheesy ass cut are filthy pigs as well, and apart of the problem.

One last thing and then I will close for the night. Did you know a big rumor that’s going around other countries about the United States? We are “sue-happy.”! Can you fucking believe that?! We are sue-happy. Canada thinks so, and so does Europe. How do I know? I’ve been told by a Canadian AND I’ve been told by many Europeans. It makes me sick. It makes me sick to my stomach that people can’t just go out and make a decent living by working hard…ah fuck it.

Comments, concerns? You know where to leave them.



2 thoughts on “A Sue-Happy World

  1. Wayne,

    While I realize you mean well, I gotta be blunt here (as a lawyer): I marvel how lay people get outraged by aspects of legal procedure that they don’t understand. Like, at all. New Jersey court rules require the plaintiff to include an ad damnun clause at the end of the complaint, which states how much money the plaintiff supposedly wants. This is always a very large number, because by law, you are limited to the amount listed in the ad damnum. If the jury awards you more than what you’ve asked for in the complaint, your award gets reduced to the amount you demanded. If the prospective value of the case changes during the discovery phase, you — the plaintiff — have to make a formal motion to the court to amend your complaint, which will drag on for months. That’s why the ad damnum clause is always astronomical — by custom and practice. As a practical matter, however, it’s meaningless. It doesn’t give any indication what the jury will award (if anything) or what the lawyer is willing to settle for. While I agree this particular case is ridiculous, it’s really not because of the ad damnum clause. In fact, this ridiculous overreaction by the laity is the reason why New York State abolished numerical ad damnums several years ago (now we just conclude with a general demand for compensatory relief); New Jersey has not yet done so, but probably should. But at least in New York, we now have fewer yellow journalists packing into the records room to comb through new filings, thank goodness.

    Anyway, there is an asshole judge who is about to award $5 million in that case? Really? That lawsuit was only filed what, last month? I wasn’t aware cases in New Jersey got litigated that fast, and I’ve only been practicing there for 10 years.

    And as for welfare, again, from my practice I know the situation to be a bit more complicated than that. Welfare programs exist and persist primarily because they are a source of lucrative no-bid contracts. Believe me, people who provide various homeless services (other than your ordinary volunteers, of course) become millionaires many times over, shoveling taxpayers money into their coffers, while everyone is angry at the poor for not engaging in “honest work”, despite the poor getting only a small fraction of the funding pie. And the same thing can be said about many other services for the unemployed. Yes, I’ve known people on welfare who are lazy and disgusting, but I’ve also met people who are considered honest, hard-working businessmen who suck a lot more out of the welfare system, and are a lot more cynical about it. I suspect they would be the first up in arms if that system were to disappear. And if you think a Republican president would not maintain a welfare system, I think you are very much mistaken. Republican models of welfare just siphon even more money towards business interests and away from providing the poor with actual useful benefits — such as states paying to train people to work for specific employers, while denying the poor education (that is, acquiring marketable skills that can be used anywhere); or slashing benefits to pay for dubious drug-testing programs that line the pockets of companies that own those testing labs.

    • I really appreciate you shining some light on my rant. My rants are just my inner-thoughts screaming for attention. Harmless at best.

      I really appreciate your company on my blogs. 🙂

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