Connecticut Shooting

I really didn’t want to write-up a blog entry about this. As I’m sitting in my apartment in my Captain’s Chair while watching the local news about the time line of the shooter, it sort of dawned on me. I don’t think we need to arm every single American in the United Stated with a pistol. I don’t think we need to introduce handguns to teachers so everyone can feel that much safer. And I certainly don’t think we need to start banning firearms across the country. What I do think is this; I think people in their day-to-day lives need to be a little more vigilant. I think people need to exercise a little more street smarts. I also think people need to observe their surroundings and pay more attention to detail.

We, as humans, are extremely selfish. We go about our days, minute after minute, hour after hour, doing nothing but thinking about ourselves. People crowd intersections during rush hour traffic because they think they will get home that much sooner instead of slowing down, exercising some patience and some common fucking decency, and letting our fellow-man or woman in ahead of you. Black Friday is another prime example of how selfish we are. And now it’s starting to affect us on dangerous levels.

How does a shooter just walk into a school with an assault rifle and two handguns? How does a shooter walk into a theatre with shotguns and pistols and start opening up on a crowd? How does a shooter just walk into a mall in Oregon and start blasting folks? How? I’ll tell you. Because people aren’t paying any fucking attention to what’s going on around them! Maybe it’s my military training. Maybe it’s my tour in Iraq. Maybe it’s me just learning how to have fucking street smarts and a keen sense of intuition of what the fuck is going on around me.

I don’t mean to get all high and mighty and prance around on my high horse. But in my defense, I watch people all day. I watch people steal and con retail associates into fraudulent credit card use, I watch behavior that isn’t normal. Some dude, let alone carrying guns, isn’t going to act normal if he’s planning to shoot up a school. Or a mall. Or a theatre. There’s no normalcy about that. Not one bit.

We live in a violent world. We live amongst other human beings that have wreckless intentions and want to create chaos. It’s time we all realize that. It’s time we all start looking out for each other. I’m not talking about just family and friends. I’m talking about individuals around you. In the check out lines, at the grocery stores, in the Malls, and schools and driving down the road. We don’t know who any of these people are, but you can pay a little bit more attention to what’s going on around you, and maybe, just maybe…we can start preventing these violent actions.


One thought on “Connecticut Shooting

  1. Your feelings come through loud and clear. But to put a positive spin on this last horrific event, a HUGE majority of Americans do know what’s right and what’s wrong, i.e., murder is wrong. I also feel (and I need my Kevlar flak jacket now, perhaps) our CLU attorneys are a great contributor to this situation.

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